If you tell a boy he’s pretty enough times he will inform you he thinks you’re pretty
And it will fck you up for weeks bye

I keep forgetting to hide my new piercing from my family and it’s really annoying to alway have my hair in front of my right ear
You know


Sunrises, 2014 | by Wouter Van de Voorde

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There are from 2014 // being a person with a face is bizarre // aging is weird // change is weird

I had dinner with my aunt and my cousin and my nana last night and my aunt (who is my favorite wine-drinker, probably ever) told me I couldn’t come to my hometown to live (I could visit) until I was at least 26 and I was unsure whether to laugh or not because

I would come home for babies
But not for anything else

Like wow why would I live out here if not to raise
1.) horses
2.) children

I mean, I’m a person and living somewhere that doesn’t even require a first name as an identifier is exhausting
Everyone knows everyone
I have no friends here except for my favorite cousins and my nana keeps asking if I have a boyfriend (she thinks I do, and I’m lying to her, but I don’t, and I’m not ((as we well know)) )
And everything is exhausting and I don’t want to do anything anything for my birthday except maybe take myself to the movies in the middle of the day and go to dinner and have a beer and probably buy myself alcohol just because I can

In other news, I took the long way to the grocery store today just for the sake of having a sun-dappled drive through cow fields and horse pasture and hay farms and it was nice and I have missed it. I realize the Midwest was too flat for me, that’s why I got bothered or whatever aesthetically or geographically or whatever. It was nice and calming as far as drives go but I can’t live my life as a quasi adult always driving 40’ to get myself sushi and buy vegetables

What I’m saying is:
I want to go back to school
I want people to stop asking me what I want to do after I graduate
I want a human to complain to and make plans with and it’s fucking me up a lot because I do alone so very very well


Kinky Tapestry: by Erin M Riley

Using traditional tapestry techniques, Erin M.Riley weaves images of women in states of undress or exposure, personal objects or landscapes that are related to destruction and death. With her work, she is examining the honesty of sexuality but also how courtships, pornography and sex is changing as a result of the mass depiction of these intimate moments online.

The artist states: “My work is the culmination of research into addiction, sexual experimentation, popular internet culture, the effects of single parent households, socio-economic status’ etc. I am drawn to the images taken for private exchanges that become littered on the internet. I am using my own images that I have sent to lovers as well as the objects that I have formed psychological attachments to, objects that have impacted people’s lives, displays of arrests, deaths, addictions.”

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All I want is to be left alone forever

My house drains the life out of me
When the rest of my family comes home, I literally just move immediately up to my bedroom

I have a lot of rowing team *feelings* and no one to talk to about them, but they largely center around “I actually hate everyone and want to live under a rock” so that’s where my life is

Apparently this creature looks like my “type”

According to humans I have asked


The school gives us champ rings and we just got sent the design and they’re ugly and I don’t like them and I’m upset about it

And men said that the blood of the stars flowed in her veins.
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I really like to relive my whole life while driving home from work listening exclusively to third eye blind

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